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The 2010 MLB Draft Begins Tonight

While Bryce Harper is the clear #1 overall pick in terms of talent, he leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to character.  Getting a two-game suspension slapped on you after your second ejection of the season, right before the biggest day of your life (the MLB Draft), might cause you to slip in the draft if you were anyone other than Harper.  But the kid can play, and at approximately 7 p.m., live on MLB TV, he will be selected by the Washington Nationals.  3 picks later, the Kansas City Royals are rumored to already be negotiating with Yasmani Grandal‘s advisor Greg Genske for a bonus that is a little above $3 million.

But the draft is more than the top 4 picks.  It is a 50 round (plus early supplementals) affair.  And here is an awesome quote from a recent Peter Gammons piece,

Monday’s Draft is essentially a three-player showcase — Harper, Machado, Taillon. “After that,” said one National League general manager, “there’s virtually no difference between the fourth and 44th picks. So in many ways, it’s really a scouts’ Draft. If your scouts are really good, you will be fine, except that it will be expensive.”

We will be updating you with the advisor and signing bonus information for the draft as we receive it.  After the top 10 rounds, it is tough to find the advisor/player match-up, so if you are an advisor reading this post, feel free to send us the names of the players you are advising as they get picked or after the draft has concluded.

The schedule over the next 3 days is as follows:

  • Today, June 7 – 7:00 p.m. – Round 1
  • Tuesday, June 8 – 12:00 p.m. – Rounds 2-30
  • Wednesday, June 9 – 12:00 p.m. – Rounds 31-50

Tonight, you should follow the draft on TV.  The other days, log on to’s live feed at

And as for the players who do not yet have an advisor (and I know that there are still quite a few top 200 players without one, some of whom say that they will not hire one at all), read through this post before you sit down in front of the TV tonight and the computer screen tomorrow.

By Darren Heitner

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6 replies on “The 2010 MLB Draft Begins Tonight”

Darren, a couple questions:

1. I’ve heard people say that slotting/bonuses are largely determined by what players received in previous years. Where can I find a list of team by team bonuses (rounds 1-50, not just top 10 rounds) from 2009.

2. Who are you advising for the upcoming draft? good luck with everything.

There is no “list” of rounds 1-50. A lot of signing bonuses are never reported.

I will provide information about our advisees as they are selected. Thanks a lot!

Joshua Kusnick had Kellin Deglan drafted in the 1st round. Whats your take on that? Good luck with your draft!

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