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2010 NBA Mock Draft 2.0 (First Round)

  1. Washington Wizards: John Wall/Kentucky- After being argueably the best in college basketball for an entire season, he will rightfully go first overall.
  2. Philadelphia 76ers: Evan Turner/Ohio State- Even though Philly’s new A.I. keeps the sixers afloat, Turner is too good to pass up. Either Iguodala and Turner mesh, or they ship Iguodala away for a draft pick or two in hopes to return to the playoffs.
  3. New Jersey Nets: Derrick Favors/Georgia Tech- On paper the Nets appear to be a decent team. Lopez is emerging; add Favors and you have a more than capable front court.
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves: Wesley Johnson/Syracuse- A freak athlete who can score. The T’wolves cannot afford to let a talent like Johnson slip past them.
  5. Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins/Kentucky- Cousins is not the usual fit for the Kings and its owners, the Maloof brothers, but he is the only real post threat in the draft. Add him to a nucleus of Tyreke Evans and Jason Thompson, and the Kings will get one step closer to becoming a small thorn in the Lakers side. Do you think Pau will call them the Queens too?
  6. Golden State Warriors: Ed Davis/North Carolina- One more year would have made him NBA ready, but Davis, like others, figure there may not be a 2011 season. His footwork is questionable, but his ability to guard the rim is astonishing.
  7. Detroit Pistons: Greg Monroe/Georgetown- Georgetown being upset in the first game of the big dance did not help Monroe’s stock, but Dumars is trying to rebuild a team. Monroe will be a good start.
  8. LA Clippers: Ekpe Udoh/Baylor- A fantastic shot blocker. Will play alongside other rookie Blake Griffin. Udoh brings toughness and ability to run the floor. Offensive game needs work.
  9. Utah Jazz: Gordon Hayward/Butler- Hayward makes shots – end of story. A better version of Kyle Korver, who is on the market. Will probably have to create a lot more for himself since Boozer won’t be there either.
  10. Indiana Pacers: Avery Bradley/Texas- Bradley has sky-rocketed up the draft boards lately. He has the same build as Russell Westbrook, but is a better defender.
  11. New Orleans Hornets: Cole Aldrich/Kansas- Has the footwork of a infant, but has enough experience and size to make for a lottery pick. Okafor will never become the center he was supposed to be. This is his wake up call.
  12. Memphis Grizzlies: Daniel Orton/Kentucky- Orton lacks experience, but makes up for it in potential. While he develops a better post game, his defensive presence will make up for it.
  13. Toronto Raptors: Luke Babbitt/Nevada- With Hedo making it very clear that he does not want to be in Toronto, Babbitt is the same player with a smaller pay check.
  14. Houston Rockets: Xavier Henry/Kansas- The best player available. Aaron Brooks can’t get it done all by himself. Henry puts up points and has a bright future.
  15. Milwaukee Bucks: James Anderson/Oklahoma St.- Attacks the basket really well, put up a lot of points in college, and could complement Jennings really well. NBA fans will continue to Fear The Deer!
  16. Minnesota Timberwolves: Paul George/ Fresno State- Almost every scout has bought into George being the steal of the draft. They may be right. His height at 6’9’’ and scoring ability could be awesome.
  17. Chicago Bulls: Patrick Patterson/Kentucky- A physical specimen coming out of college, he is sound fundamentally and can contribute at the power forward position right away.
  18. Miami Heat: Eric Bledsoe/Kentucky- Playing in John Wall’s shadow at Kentucky, Bledsoe did not receive the publicity he deserved. He is an NBA ready point guard who will fill the Heat’s need of a ball handler and distributor.
  19. Boston Celtics: Solomon Alabi/Florida State- Slap that Bust sticker on Alabi. Does anyone remember Patrick O’Bryant? The Bradley center was drafted higher than Alabi would be here, but for an insight into Alabi’s career just look up Mr. O’Bryant – career 2.1 ppg.
  20. San Antonio Spurs: Larry Sanders/VCU- Sanders can block shots and has the frame to become a dominating post presence. Let the mastermind better known as Mr. Popovich get his hands on him and you have the frontcourt of the future with Sanders and Blair down low.
  21. Oklahoma City Thunder: Donatas Motiejunas/Lithuania- If he falls this far. Motiejunas could withdraw from the draft all together. Has ability to score, but with a frail frame and lacking defense Montiejunas may still be a few years away.
  22. Portland Trailblazers: Kevin Seraphin/France- Nicolas Batum becoming a larger role in the Blazers rotation, Portland will take the chance on Seraphin. The Blazers will likely allow him to play one more year overseas and then use him as a post defender, praying he won’t collapse like every other big in Portland.
  23. Minnesota Timberwolves: Keith Gallon/Oklahoma- Tipping the scales at 300, Gallon can shoot the basketball better than any big guy in the draft. If he gets into shape, there is no telling what he can do.
  24. Atlanta Hawks: Quincy Pondexter/Washington- This is a steal for Atlanta. Pondexter could either replace a possible departing Joe Johnson or give Marvin Williams his pink slip. Either way Pondexter will have a bright future in the NBA.
  25. Memphis Grizzlies: Hassan Whiteside/Marshall- If Whiteside is still there, then this would be a steal. Has freakishly long arms and can play the post really well. Scouts report “questionable interviews”, but they said the same about Andrew Bynum.
  26. Oklahoma City Thunder: Craig Brackins/Iowa State- Not a franchise big man, but neither is Nenad Kristic. A solid pick for the Thunder to keep building a franchise.
  27. New Jersey Nets: Devin Ebanks/West Virginia- A perimeter defender with the height of a big man. His jumpshot is less than questionable, which is why he is still available this late.
  28. Memphis Grizzlies: Terrico White/Mississippi- The possibility that Rudy Gay may be leaving forces the Grizzlies to take someone who can put up points. White can do just that.
  29. Orlando Magic: Willie Warren/Oklahoma-  Warren was projected as a lottery selection after last year, but an injury and issues with his coaches force him to fall hard. He will make up for it in time though. He has too much skill not to.
  30. Washington Wizards: Jarvis Varnado/Mississippi State- Argueably the best shot blocker to ever play college basketball. Won’t become a premiere big man ever, but cleans the glass like no other.

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Orton over Patterson? Yet another who didn’t watch UK play one minute last season.

I don’t see any way that the Jazz pass on Aldrich if he’s there at 9 after the way Gasol abused them in the playoffs.

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