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Last Day To Get Drafted Into The MLB In 2010

Today is Day 3 of the MLB Rule 4 Draft.  There are still 20 more rounds to go, and while teams do not take up close to their 1 minute of allotted time per pick, it is a long and exhausting process.  Festivities will kick off at noon for the 2nd day in a row, and will likely commence no earlier than 8 p.m.  Most advisors will have their computer speakers turned up, anxiously awaiting to hear the names of their clients that have gone undrafted through the first 2 days of the draft.

As of last night, only one player selected between the 1st round and Supplemental Round A had signed.  His name is Kellin Deglan, and he was the #22 overall pick made by the Texas Rangers.  It is reported that he signed for $1 million.  Only 2 players in last year’s 1st round signed for $1 million or less – Brett Jackson (#31 overall to the Cubs for $972,000) and Tim Wheeler (#32 overall to the Rockies for $900,000).  Jackson and Wheeler were college juniors while Deglan was a high school player.  High school players are known to have more leverage going into negotiations than Junior College players, 4-year university juniors, and 4-year university seniors.  Steven Baron, a high school catcher (Deglan is a catcher) selected #33 overall last year, received a bonus of $980,000.  I wonder if teams will try to use Deglan’s bonus to try to bring down the price of players selected around his slot.

Some good reading going into the final rounds is a piece written by my friend Jason Wolf – MLB Draft: Stay In School Or Sign A Contract.  It is a topic I have covered from time to time, and in depth in the book, An Athlete’s Guide to Agents, Fifth Edition.

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Also, Day 3 will end MUCH earlier than 8pm. They ended at 7:30 yesterday and they had 29 rounds to go through, not 20. Plus they didnt switch to “lightning round” speed till round 10 or so. From here on out its all lightning round.

I wonder what Double Diamond was thinking with Deglan. How are you the first person to sign in the draft and you get below the MLB slot? I don’t know all the details, but add in that the player was a high school kid and it seems that double diamond didn’t get enough for their player. Not getting slot is almost unheard of if you use an advisor I thought. Certainly will be fuel for other agents.

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