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Rookie Reflections

As agent advocates, we anticipate our clients making the necessary adjustments upon being drafted or securing placement with a professional organization. We expect our clients to perform based on contractual obligations and add value to the organizations as a professionals and human beings.  Athletes are consistently being evaluated by management and coaches. Evaluations are based on performance on and off the courts. It is the client’s job to perform, fulfill the job requirements, continue to develop, and add value to an organization.  It is imperative that the clients perform once they secure a spot and are designated as active on a roster.

It is the agent advocate’s job to keep the client abreast of changes with management’s strategy, vision, and overall view of the client, especially if the client is a neophyte in the league. We critique performances, behavior, and give advice on how to deal with various situations. Hence, agents should always schedule “time for reflection” with clients.

So, I decided to revisit some of the 2010 WNBA draft picks I wrote about in April. I wondered how the ladies are adjusting to playing in the WNBA. Not surprisingly, most of the 2010 WNBA rookies are making significant impacts within their organizations. Tina Charles, Monica Wright, Epiphanny Prince, and Kalana Greene are leading the rookie rankings.

2010 WNBA Draft Class

Tina Charles of the Connecticut Sun (the number one pick in the 2010 WNBA draft) is averaging 16 points per game and 11 rebounds. Monica Wright of the Minnesota Lynx (second pick of 2010 WNBA draft) had a 32 point game against the Phoenix Mercury. She followed up the performance against the Mercury a week later by posting 21 points. Epiphanny Prince of the Chicago Sky (the fourth draft pick) has been playing superb on defense. Presently, she is ranked eighth in steals, but struggling offensively.  Kalana Greene of the New York Liberty is averaging six points per game and two rebounds. She has shown the most consistent improvement each week.

It appears these ladies are off to a good start and securing their roles as premier players in the league. The season is just beginning and it will be interesting to see how it ends. Regardless, it has been another fruitful draft. The WNBA will continue to add new talent to develop and change the paradigm of women’s basketball.

As the women’s basketball season shifts into high gear, the WTA’s major grand slams (Wimbledon and US Open) are gearing up for some major upsets. Tennis is another one of my favorite sports. Women’s tennis so much more exciting now than when I was a young girl. Women’s tennis definitely does not lack the athleticism, endorsements, sponsorships, and support many complain women’s basketball needs, or will never attain.  If I remember correctly, women’s tennis did not have the endorsements and sponsorships until the late 80’s and early 90’s. That’s a topic for later discussion.