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On To The Next One (Kind Of): Randy Moss

As you may recall, at the end of May, Randy Moss fired his agent Tim DiPiero, who had been representing Moss since his entrance into the NFL. Moss made an announcement that he fired his agent because he felt that he was able to handle his own contract negotiations, but wanted an agent that could find him more marketing endorsements. Moss believes that although he is not in his prime, he is still very marketable, and specifically hopes for commercial and other television opportunities.

Joel Segal of BEST/Lagardere Unlimited, appears to be the man for the job. Segal represents the likes of Chris Johnson, Reggie Bush, and Michael Vick. So I guess we will have to be on the lookout for Moss on Television. Who knows, maybe he will end up on Dancing With the Stars like other NFL notables, Chad Ochocinco, Emmitt Smith, Warren Sapp, and Lawrence Taylor. Moss is going into his final season with the New England Patriots, and he does not believe that he will be offered an extension. We will also have to pay attention and see how well (hopefully) he negotiates his next contract.

On another note, here is a list of some other athletes who at one point or another, have represented themselves: Dave Stieb, Mike Singletary, Daunte Culpepper, Ricky Williams (we know how that turned out), Curt Schilling, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Greenwell, Ray Allen, Danny Ainge, David Wells, Tom Seaver, Hakeem Olajuwon, Alan Trammell, and Steve Largent. Also, the late NFLPA President Gene Upshaw used to negotiate his own contracts when he played with the Oakland Raiders.

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5 replies on “On To The Next One (Kind Of): Randy Moss”

Really? Contract negotiatios are complicated and very detailed. This man is an athlete, now a lawyer, so how does he think he can handle it without some sort of agent or lawyer helping him?

Since he is a veteran in the league, he can likely gauge his value to a team based on his current contract, previous ones, and the current contracts of those in similar roles. If he is reasonable, he should be able to negotiate a fair contract. Remember, he is not a rookie player, though he may be a rookie negotiator. Only time will tell.

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