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Wilson Chandler Signs Deal In China

On August 30, 2011, J.A. Adande of reported that Wilson Chandler stated he has signed a contract to play for Zhejiang Guangsha, which plays its games in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).  There are two reasons why I find Chandler’s move to the CBA and the article itself to be of importance to Sports Agent Blog readers.

1. Wilson Chandler is “stuck” in China

As I discussed last week, the CBA has decided to implement a rule that effectively prevents NBA players currently under contract with NBA teams from playing in the next CBA regular season.  However, as I noted, players with NBA experience who are currently free agents will be allowed to sign with CBA teams, but will not be permitted any opt-out clauses in their CBA contracts.  Since Chandler is not currently signed to any NBA team’s roster, he certainly has the right to go ahead and sign with Zhejiang Guangsha.  The caveat is that even if the 2011/12 NBA season is played (in any form or fashion), Chandler is effectively prevented from leaving his CBA team and signing with an NBA team.  It will be interesting to see if players like Chandler (who have NBA experience and are currently free agents) decide to sign CBA contracts and then make a decision to breach those contracts should the 2011/12 NBA season have a chance of being played.  Perhaps the penalty for breaching the CBA contract would be worth paying should an NBA offer come the way of Chandler or other NBA veterans.

2. Wilson Chandler is once again represented by Chris Luchey

Scroll down to paragraph 7 of J.A. Adande’s article and you will read, “Chandler’s agent, Chris Luchey, did not specify the amount of the one-year contract with the Guangsha, or Lions, but said it was worth less than the $3.1 million qualifying offer the Nuggets made in order to retain their rights to Chandler, and more than the $1.7 million offer that has been reported elsewhere.”

On January 24, 2011, I published an On To The Next One piece regarding Wilson Chandler ending his agency relationship with Chris Luchey of CGL Sports.  Chandler later hired Happy Walters of Rogue Sports.  But apparently, at some point in time between the end of January and this month, Chandler made the switch back to Luchey.  Congrats to Chandler and Luchey on the overseas contract.

By Darren Heitner

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