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Andrew Bogut’s Foray Into Representation

Andrew Bogut knows that he isn’t going to play basketball forever. He understands that he’s going to need a post-basketball career and has already started the process of figuring out what he wants to do.

Last year Bogut bought into the management company of his agent Bruce KaiderOne Management Group and Consulting. Having worked together for five years, Andrew saw the opportunity of being involved with a company that shares his ideals.

One Management claims to take a different approach to client management. Instead of the usual process of collecting any athlete that will sign with them, they look at the character of the client. The company doesn’t want to represent PR nightmares, but rather upstanding members of the community. An example of this is Kaider’s first client, WNBA player Lauren Jackson.

The company’s client roster also boasts NBA player Patty Mills, and displays a recent foray in to the Australian Football League with Western Bulldogs player Shaun Higgins.

Having a player of Bogut’s influence as a director will certainly help with attracting new talent to their growing list, and not just in basketball circles. Andrew is a superstar in his hometown of Melbourne, and having a player involved in management makes the client’s situation relatable. A client can see that the company’s interests match their own.

Bogut knows his influence and ability to meet the right people will only last for so long. He understands he is privy to meeting high profile decision makers while he’s plying his trade in the NBA, and he is not only using this for himself, but for his clients. As many know, establishing relationships is vital to success, and networking with these people for his future clients will only help in the long run.