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Basketball Agent Andy Miller’s AAU Involvement Could Attract Attention Of The NBPA

The NCAA has banned four AAU teams [New England Playaz (17U and 16U), Worldwide Renegades (17U, 16U and 15U), Florida Rams (17U and 16U) and SEBL Elite All-stars] from playing in NCAA-certified summer basketball events.  The ban is a result of an NCAA finding that those teams had ties with basketball agent Andy Miller of ASM Sports.  Specifically, the NCAA found that Miller “implored” AAU team administrators to recruit future draft picks for his agency.  ASM Sports had 4 of its clients selected in the 2012 NBA Draft (2 in 1st round).

Here is the text of an email that the NCAA received that was sent by Miller to an AAU team administrator:

“I get tired of being the 1 guy that has to get the 1st rd [sic] picks every year. I’d be happy to help you get guys + lend support. You have to want it + have to hustle. To create situations to manifest chaos + plow down walls to open up new opp’s [sic],” the email stated. “We’re facing a summer with no revenue. Yet, everyone will expect their checks, expenses reimburse [sic], etc. I try to give a consistant [sic] platform inorder [sic] to facilitate production. Am I getting the level of production in return that I want or expect?…You decided to be apart [sic] of it on some level…Do more than just give it thought, act on it.”

As the NCAA stated in its article, “NCAA rules prohibit agents or their associates’ involvement with NCAA-certified summer basketball teams and events.”  However, the NCAA has no ability to discipline Miller for any violation of its rules.

I have reached out to the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) to ask of their stance on the matter.  I am awaiting their reply.  However, a look at the players association’s website leads one to believe that they could take action if they chose to do so.

Among the NBPA’s Agent Regulation Department’s duties are the following:

  • Maintains a relationship with the NCAA Enforcement Department to ensure that NBPA-certified agents comply with student-athlete regulations.
  • Investigates player complaints regarding possible prohibited conduct by NBPA-certified agents. The Committee on Agent Regulation has the authority to impose discipline on any agent who violates the regulations, including suspension and decertification.

This is not the first time that Miller has had his name attached to dirty dealings.  In 2010, an arbitrator ordered Miller to pay basketball agent Keith Glass $40,000 in damages based on a finding that Miller knowingly recruited Glass’ client (tortuous interference).

By Darren Heitner

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I am baffled that nobody has made the Andy Miller/UK/Calipari connection. First, Miller is currently front and center of the Nerlens Noel investigation. Noel Committed to UK. Then a couple of weeks later, Marquis Teague signs with Miller as his agent.
Kentucky fans are nervous. And if they aren’t, the f’in should be.

Why bother nothing going to happen except a slap on the wrist. I have been saying this for awhile even told to stay out or else but I’m just a small guy in this businrss no one listens. I guess ill keep losing players for being moral while others gain and players are marred.

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