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CDFL International Scout Bowl Exposes Draft Eligible Prospects To Teams Overseas

What: CDFL International Scout Bowl

When: Thursday – Saturday, April 3 – 5, 2014

Where: Hillburn, New York

About: Providing opportunity for young men to advance from high school to college was achieved by the CDFL in 2008.  For the college player trying to get a crack at the pros, the CDFL’s Collegiate Bowl Series answered the call by completing 22 showcase bowl games from 2009 to the present.  In April 2014, the CDFL will afford yet another chance to help young men follow their gridiron dreams.  This chance comes in the form of the International Scout Bowl.  The ISB was born from the realization that there is a need for one more scouting opportunity before the NFL draft.  In addition, this game provides the final opportunity for players who did not perform well in their pro-day or combine, have been excluded by injury, or have been overlooked to this point to participate in such events.  With American football growing rapidly in Canada, Europe and Asia, US players need to showcase themselves on a global stage to an international audience.  The CDFL is adding to the its established relationships with the North American and European leagues to create a game that provides the final opportunity for the best free agents available heading into the upcoming 2014 seasons.  The International Scout Bowl is the only game available in the spring of 2014.  The game is designed to promote international players to international markets.  The selection process is by invitation and is extremely competitive.  The rosters are limited to provide maximum playing time for the participants.



Thursday 4/3/14 – Check-in

4:00pm – Players, coaches, support staff report to Comfort Suites Hotel, Mahwah, NJ.
5:00pm – Player and coach’s organizational team meetings in hotel conference rooms.
7:00pm – Uniform handout in hotel conference rooms.

Friday 4/4/14 – Practices

7:30am – Breakfast at hotel
8:30am – Bus to field for practice session 1 (9-11am) at the Joseph T. St. Lawrence Sports Complex. TEAM AMERICA RED departs first to field-turf practice field; TEAM AMERICA BLUE departs second to field-turf Bubble (Helmets and Shoulder pads).
12:00-1:30pm – Lunch at Ramapo College
1:45pm – Bus to field for practice session 2 (2-4pm). TEAM AMERICA RED departs first for the bubble, TEAM AMERICA BLUE departs second to field-turf practice field.
5-6pm – Dinner at Ramapo College

Saturday 4/5/14 – Combine and Game Day 

7:00am – Breakfast at hotel
9:45am – Bus leaves for Combine and TEAM AMERICA Tryout at the Joseph T. St. Lawrence Sports Complex (10-12pm)
12-1:30 – Rest, lunch at hotel
4:15pm – Teams departs for final walk through, team photos, and pre-game warm-up at the stadium

6:30pm – KICKOFF! Post game wrap-up 9:45pm on field.

For more information on registration, visit here.