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Former Sports Agent Teague Egan Launches Athletic Performance And Apparel Line

At age 22, Teague Egan became the youngest certified NFL Players’ Association Contract Advisor.  However, the University of Southern California graduate realized it really was not what he wanted to do long-term.

“When you look at a service-based business like Rosenhaus Sports versus a product-based business such as Nike — probably the two biggest in their respective industries — a product-based business is much more scalable,” Egan said.  “Not only can apparel or products touch every sport, but with widespread distribution, we can also positively effect a lot more people, and from a business perspective, make a lot more money.  It’s a much bigger vision.”

Egan’s NFLPA certification was eventually revoked “because of ridiculous political and corrupt rules by governing bodies regarding student athletes that have much opposition and class action suits filed against them,” he suggested.  The NFLPA had a different view and said that Egan’s certification was revoked for “violating numerous provisions of the NFLPA’s Agent Regulations when he provided an improper benefit under NCAA rules by giving University of Southern California player Dillon Baxter a ride in his company’s golf cart, resulting in Baxter being suspended for USC’s game against Oregon State in November…He also is alleged to have placed misleading information on his agency’s website about his relationship with a Southern California attorney.”

“The only reason I became a certified agent in the first place was because my friends who played football wanted me to,” Egan added when speaking to Sports Agent Blog for this article.  “Ultimately my certification was revoked because I gave a golf cart ride to a friend who happened to be on the team that was claimed to be impermissible transportation worth $5 of gas money.  Keep in mind golf carts are electric.”

Fast forward to the present and Egan has co-founded 1st Round Sports, an athletic performance and apparel company geared toward increasing athletes’ speed, strength, and power through its energyDNA.  1st Round is comprised of men’s and women’s apparel including their signature SmartShield compression line for men, as well as an athletic seamless fit, and a loose fit.  1st Round produces shirts, tanks, leggings, shorts, running shorts, and accessories including socks, wristbands and headbands.

1st round

The company has partnered with a few athletes, including Jordan Campbell of the Kansas City Chiefs and Olympic gold medal winning sprinter, Shawn Crawford.  Egan says that NFL Pro Bowlers, NBA players, Olympic boxers, yoga instructors, and professional triathletes are all using the product as well.

Teague and his team are seeking $50,000 worth of funding on, with 1st Round having already raised close to $34,000.  Their fundraising campaign will remain open for another two-plus weeks.

After hopefully reaching $50,000, Teague hopes to launch 1st Round’s online store, activate a national media campaign, seek more endorsements from professional athletes, and eventually distribute product to major national retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Foot Locker, and others.

“I see the company heading in a direction where every athlete will NEED to wear 1st Round in order to compete on the same level,” Egan said.  “In terms of our rollout and two-five year forecast, it’s my belief that with any company there is something to be said about natural, organic growth. …The only way I want this company to grow is because of a product that delivers superior performance advantage, and actually works.  We will continue to try to innovate and create new products that push the boundary of sports.”