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UConn Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit For $1.3M

UConn BasketballThe University of Connecticut will award $1.3 million to settle a lawsuit with five women (Silvana Moccia, Kylie Angell, Carolyn Luby, Rosemary Richi, and Erica Daniels) who alleged that the university did not take their sexual assault claims which occurred on campus seriously.

The majority of the award ($900,000) will go to Moccia who is a former UConn ice hockey player. Moccia alleges that she was kicked off the ice hockey team after reporting that she had been raped by a male hockey player back in 2011. The remainder of the settlement will be paid out as follows: $115,000 to Angell, $25,000 to Luby, $60,000 to Richi, and $125,000 to Daniels. The assaults of these women allegedly occurred from years 2010 to 2013.

Angell stated that after her attack one police officer told her, “Women need to stop spreading their legs like peanut butter or rape is going to keep happening until the cows come home.” She went on to say that “ I look forward to seeing UConn continue to respond with such seriousness to reports of sexual assault, with the hope that future women who find themselves victims of sexual assault will be empowered by reporting to a university that supports them and protects their rights.”

University officials did not admit to any wrongdoing on their behalf and felt that the legal fight would be costly and bad for UConn’s image. This is one of several sexual assault cases on campuses around the country. There are nearly 70 sexual violence investigations pending at postsecondary institutions whose actions, procedures and policies are being questioned.

This settlement comes after the school’s fantastic run in both the NCAA Men’s & Women’s basketball tournament, which ended in both teams being named 2014 NCAA National Champions.