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5th Annual Mississippi Sports Law Review Symposium

Miss. Sports Law ReviewWhat: 5th Annual Mississippi Sports Law Review Symposium

When: October 17, 2014 at 1:00pm

Where: University of Mississippi School of Law Weems Auditorium


  • Babbette Boliek- Pepperdine University School of Law
  • Robert Frieden- Penn State Law
  • Kristi Dosh- Former ESPN, Fox Sports and Forbes contributor
  • Terence High- Attorney and football agent
  • Charlie Hussey- SEC Associate Commissioner


The annual fall symposium provides an opportunity for legal, business, and sports experts to discuss a current sports-law issue at the University of Mississippi School of Law.  With this year’s topic being “Current Telecommunications Issues and Their Impact on Sports Broadcasting,” the panel consists of two telecommunications law professors (Boliek and Frieden) to discuss the substantive law issues underlying the uncertain future of sports broadcasting.  The panel will also include Hussey & Dosh to discuss the practical side of sports broadcasting; High will round out the panelists to add a player’s perspective to the panel.

The annual symposium attracts Ole Miss law and undergraduate students, professors, athletic department staff members, Oxford residents, alumni, and other law students to the law school.

Mississippi Sports Law Review  Editor-in-Chief, Connor Bush said, “We hope to spark an in depth discussion about how sports fans will realistically enjoy their favorite teams’ games in the future and the possible legal issues that universities, professional organizations, and broadcasting companies will have to wade through.”