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Representing The Professional Athlete Week 5

Sports LawWe are entering the 4th quarter for Peter Carfagna’s “Representing the Professional Athlete” course with 5,500 students enrolled! During week 5 students will gain an understanding of the insurance needs of professional athletes, how to handle an athlete-client dealing with injury and concussion-related issues, and how to handle a professional athlete post-retirement when “the cheering has stopped”.

Guests for week 5 are:

John Palguta, Managing Director of Sports at MAI Wealth Advisors, LLC
Jim Convertino, Director of Professional Athletes & Entertainers at Britton Gallagher
Chris Nowinski, Co-Founder and Exec. Director of the Sports Legacy Institute

Professor Carfagna and TA Ricky Volante say, “This week will be focused on protecting your athlete-client’s income during the mature and post-retirement stage of his or her career. We will look at how vital client investments become now that the cheering and the paychecks have stopped. We will also look at the importance of appropriate insurance policies to protect your athlete-client’s “bunker money” and maintain revenue streams despite injuries. Finally, we will broach the difficult topic of career- and even life-threatening injuries, and gauge the importance of the ongoing concussion litigation with NCAA and NFL. With an overview of the debilitating effects of CTE and post-concussion syndrome, we will find out what is being done to protect these athletes in the future by the Sports Legacy Institute. We are looking forward to another great week overall!”

The live discussion for this week will be held on Sunday, October 19th at 4:00pm EST.