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Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton Injured In Car Crash

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Photo Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Photo Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported that NFL star player Cam Newton has sustained a mild-back injury in a suspected car collision this week and we anticipate that his representatives have already been looking at frims similar to the one found at to help him gain compensation. The 25-year-old quarterback’s black pick-up truck was discovered by emergency officials overturned, and surrounded by debris, near Bank of America stadium. The roof of the truck was severely mangled whilst another vehicle, whose front-end had suffered significant damage, lay yards-away from Newton’s truck. Despite the severity of the damage inflicted upon his vehicle, Newton did not seem severely injured as he was photographed smiling and talking to paramedics as his neck was put in a brace. We imagine his team are in the process of filing a personal injury case for the accident that occurred to help him with the cost of car damage and medical costs. It is unclear whether or not he would be getting back behind the wheel when he gets better. Some people who have been in an accident might find that they are no longer confident if they have been in a car accident, and find that they require lessons from defensive driving schools in ny or somewhere more local to them to rebuild their confidence for driving once again.

No matter who you are, no one asks to be involved in a situation like this. When you’re on the road, you just never know what’ll happen. There are some people who don’t pay attention when driving, which is why accidents like this can happen. A crash can be a traumatic experience, but thankfully with the assistance of medics, the police and even a truck accident lawyer (if you wish to take this further to fight for the compensation you deserve), getting your life back on track might not be as tough as you initially thought. Knowing that you have someone by your side could make such a difference.

Since 2011 Newton has been a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, who presently have 151.00 odds to win the Super Bowl according to Bet365, and was a key factor in the team’s recent 41-10 thrashing of the New Orleans Saints last week. The Panthers had looked shaky entering the contest, with a six-match losing streak defined by erratic play and missed chances, but Newton managed to pass for three touchdowns and expertly navigated a tough scuffle to set-up a fourth.

The Atlanta-native was the 1st overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft after a sparkling college career playing for the Auburn Tigers. Newton’s rookie NFL year was littered with record breaking performances that included becoming the first rookie quarterback to throw for 400 yards in his first game, a feat made all the more impressive by it shattering the previous record by 120 yards. Moreover, Newton finished his debut season having run for 14 touchdowns, which was more than any other quarterback had run for in NFL history, beating Steve Grogan’s record which he had held for 35 years.

The 6ft 5in Newton, who is the only NFL player to be first overall pick in the NFL draft, win a national championship and be awarded the Heisman Trophy within a one year period during the modern era, is currently being treated at the Carolinas Medical Centre. The Panthers have since released a statement saying “Cam is in fair condition and undergoing tests. He will remain in hospital for observation.” Whilst it appears unlikely that the accident will cause a prolonged absence from Newton, further details released by the Panther’s do suggest he will miss a game for only the second time this season. The Panthers’ statement concluded that ‘further testing revealed that Cam has two process fractures in his lower back and no further internal injuries.” Given this diagnosis, it seems extremely unlikely that Newton will be ready for Sunday’s clash with Tampa Bay. This being a particular blow to the Panthers, who picked up a one-year extension on Newton’s rookie contract for an eye-watering $15 million dollars at the start of the season.

Whilst it has yet to be confirmed, it is likely that this injury will cause Newton to miss a significant chunk of the remainder of the season. This is not only a massive blow to the Panthers, who looked on the verge of turning around their poor mid-season performance, but also for Newton himself who until now had expertly navigated his pro-career in an upward direction only.

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