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MLBPA Changes To Agent Regulations


The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) has made some changes to its agent regulations. New applicants now have to undergo a background check conducted by an outside investigative firm and pass a written exam. MLB players voted on the new agent regulations at a recent meeting of the union’s Exec Board. Previously there was no exam or background check for applicants for certification from the union. Additionally, the union announced stricter reporting requirements and increased fees for both MLBPA agent applicants and current MLBPA-certified agents.

Current certified MLBPA agents will not have to fill out a new application, take the written exam or undergo a background check similar to many forms of employment screening as long as they remain certified, the union said. Current certified agents will be required to pay a new annual fee of $1,500 instead of the bi-annual fee of $250; new applicants for MLBPA certification will have to pay a fee of $2,000 instead of $500. The increase in fees reflects the costs of the background checks and the administration of agents, the union said.

Additionally, the union announced every certified agent will now be required to submit an updated registration form annually that reflects any changes to the information and answers on registration forms on file with the union. Previously the requirement was that agents submit updated registration forms every two years. The MLBPA is now authorized to hire licensed investigators, if warranted, to examine allegations of agent misconduct. Agents who fail to file the required information will be fined.