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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (1/16/15)

Credit: Nathaniel Turner for the New York Times
Credit: Nathaniel Turner for the New York Times

Darren is out of the country but the weekly Shabbat Shalom series will still be coming to you. While I am jealous of Darren, I am extremely honored and excited to run the site as he enjoys Peru. Here are a couple of Darren’s pieces over the week on FORBES: (1) Tostitos Turns To Eagles Coach Chip Kelly For New Set Of Ads; (2) FC Barcelona Partners With Daily Fantasy Soccer Website. And as always, the weekly wrap-up:


• Former Sports Agent Blog contributor Mark Burns looks at Ohio State and Oregon’s social media strategies [Feed The Beast: The Social Media Strategy Around The National Championship]

• Do you think it was a wise decision? [Cardale Jones To Return To Ohio State: A Laudable And Risky Decision]


• What a cool idea by Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger[Brewers Roll Out ‘Timeless Tickets’]


• His parents gave permission to use his paychecks to pay back some of the debt [How Jack Johnson’s Parents Screwed Him And Left Him Millions In Debt]

Sports Business

• Leigh Steinberg is eyeing a major comeback [Show Leigh Steinberg The Money (Again)]