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Ex-Sports Agent, Stacy Jenson, Avoids Jail Time…For Now

Ex-highflying sports agent, Stacy Jenson, is currently awaiting trial on charges of fraud, to which she pleaded not guilty to 17 federal counts of fraud relating to allegations of stealing more than $1.9 million from a former employer. However, after allegations of new financial crimes were released, federal prosecutors wanted her to be jailed pending her trial.

Ex-agent Stacy Jenson. Via Journal Sentinel.
Ex-agent Stacy Jenson. Via Journal Sentinel.

After a four-hour hearing in a Milwaukee federal court last Friday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph found that Jenson had written at least one bad check to a landlord in Florida and was in other financial disputes with at least two people. Debora Root, who rented a house to Jenson, testified for the government. She said that Jenson bounced a check to her twice before finally kicking her out. After this, she discovered that Jenson had also been smoking in her apartment, violating her lease. This was also brought up in court.

Due to the series of events in which Jenson was involved, Joseph said she needed to take steps to protect the public from potential financial harm by Jenson, but that the evidence did not meet the legal standard required to send her to jail.

Jenson, who at one time represented a number of top Green Bay Packers players, was ordered stiffer pretrial release conditions, including being barred from writing checks and being required to live in Wisconsin for the foreseeable future. Judge Joseph said if Jenson wanted to return to Florida to live or for treatments for her current health problems, she must return to court to ask for permission.

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