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theScore Debuts Mobile eSports App

unnamedOn February 4th, mobile sports media company theScore launched a dedicated mobile app for eSports. We have recently looked into the growing popularity of eSports and the money involved in competitive gaming. It is estimated that more than 71 million people now watch eSports around the world, with viewing figures of competitive eSports contests now surpassing those of some major ‘traditional’ sporting events. Many of the eSports teams have amazing branding that is clearly resonating with its audience as it is surpassing ‘traditional’ sports. This could be an indicator to show that some of them have been improving their developments by working with a gaming video agency for promotional content. This is allowing companies like Optic gaming, for instance, to grow their fan base with compelling content.

theScore eSports will combine mobile-first breaking news, live scores, stats, push alerts and links to video highlights and streams from across the world of eSports and competitive video gaming.

“The many millions of eSports fans worldwide deserve a first-class, professionally supported mobile app, and that’s exactly what theScore eSports gives them,” said John Levy, Founder and CEO of theScore. “In our view, eSports should be treated as a fully-fledged sport and theScore eSports mirrors the same dedicated mobile-first approach we’ve taken with our flagship mobile sports platform ‘theScore’ by combining the core foundations that run through our company – a best-in-class development team working in tandem with an industry-leading mobile newsroom.”

theScore eSports can be downloaded from Google Play now. theScore’s eSports coverage can also be found at, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, with theScore eSports iOS app coming soon.