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CSE And MIT Partner Up To Explore Innovation In Sports Technology

Atlanta-based agency, CSE is partnering with STE@M, the Sport Technology and Education division at the Massachusetts Institution of Technology, to support and impact the field of sport technology, according to a press release issued by the company.

CSE has partnered with STE@M at MIT.
CSE has partnered with STE@M at MIT.

Through this partnership, CSE will work with the MIT faculty, students, industry partners, and athletes who are passionate about the intersection of engineering and sports along with the challenges. The partnership was launched during the CSE Innovation Summit where Dr. Kim Blair, the Founding Director of Sports Innovation at MIT, delivered a keynote address on sports technology and the success of wearable technology and practical applications for marketers.

“We are proud to be the first marketing and communications agency to partner with such a prestigious organization,” said Adam Zimmerman, President of CSE. “We always strive to find new and innovative ways to create solutions for our clients by trying to stay in front of it as much as possible and partner with people leading that effort in sports technology.”

CSE was founded in 1986 as an athlete management and marketing firm and has evolved into one of the longest running and most diversified independent marketing agencies in the country. CSE helps businesses and brands connect with affinitive consumers and fans through multi-dimensional strategy building and execution across a wide range of diversified areas, including strategic sponsorships, advertising, talent management, digital, media content, experiential marketing, analytics, social media campaigns and more. Through this partnership with MIT, CSE continues to expand its offering of technology solutions to its clients forming new partnerships and collaborations with some of the best in the field.