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Free Online Course: Representing The Professional Athlete

Registration Open On Coursera
Registration Open On Coursera

Peter Carfagna’s online course titled “Representing The Professional Athlete” is back for a second round on Coursera. The six-week course, which begins March 11, will take students through the four stages of the professional athletes career. Utilizing lectures, guest speakers and hypothetical walkthroughs, students will learn how the best sports agents manage each of these four stages.

The course will last six weeks with each lesson lasting approximately 75 to 90 minutes. The weekly lessons will be divided into manageable videos that contain lecturing, guest interviews and play-acting of hypothetical situations that summarize the materials. Each week, students will be asked to complete a multiple-choice quiz and participate in the course forum by answering the “question of the week.”

According to their website, “This course will provide each student with the skills necessary to guide an athlete through the difficult decisions that can make or lose the athlete millions of dollars, and affect their public image and career. Walking through the four stages of an athlete’s career, we will provide a broad scope of the landscape of amateur and professional sports so that you can avoid the pitfalls and traps that so many have fallen into in the past; not to mention, bringing you updates throughout the course regarding the rapidly changing sports world that we live in today. Analyzing the best practices in the management of the superstar athletes with whom Professor Carfagna and his expert guests have worked, we will show you how to manage the career of any professional athlete who might seek your guidance at any stage of his or her professional career.”

You can register and find more information for the course here.