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Vulcun Ups The Ante To A $4 Million Prize Pool

Last month, we wrote about Vulcun’s $1 Million prize pool for the 2015 LCS season. For those who don’t know, Vulcun is a daily fantasy eSports company that offers free and paid contests in a salary cap format.


The $4 million prize pool represents a 400% increase from Vulcun’s prize pool of $1M announced a month ago in Feb, and a 1500% increase over the $250K announced in January. Vulcun has already paid out $400,000 in just 8 short weeks since launching on January 19th.

As part of this expanded prize pool, Vulcun will also be adding DOTA2 to its list of eSports games which already includes League of Legends. Contests for DOTA2 will begin running later this week.

Imaqtpie, a former Pro player who played ADC for Dignitas, says “Well guys now that they are raising the prize pool from $1 to $4 million guess my new job is going to be fantasy drafting LOL.”

Voyboy, a former Pro player who’s played with Curse, Dignitas and CLG, says “Fantasy eSports is now legit. I’m coming for a piece of that $4 million on Vulcun baby!”

The expanding prize pools are promising signs for Vulcun and fantasy eSports in general. eSports has shown impressive growth over the last few years and it is clear that this segment of the sports world is here to stay. We will certainly be keeping an eye on Vulcun, and it’s prize pools, throughout 2015.