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2015 NCCU Law SELS Conference


What: 2015 NCCU Law SELS Conference

Where: North Carolina Central University, 640 Nelson St Durham, NC 27707

When: Saturday, March 21, 2015 from 8:00am-3:00pm


NCCU Law’s Sports & Entertainment Law Society’s Annual Conference places emphasis on practical, current issues affecting the practice of law in the sports and entertainment space. This year’s theme is “Blurred Lines: Sports and Entertainment in a Digital Age”.

Until recently, the amalgam of laws that applied to the entertainment and sports industries defined sports and entertainment law. It referred, generally, to a variety of matters, primarily including, agency, contract, trademark, copyright, tort, criminal, constitutional, labor, and tax issues.  Today, this definition and scope of applicable laws have become exponentially open ended—the lines blurred—due to a shift from a period of traditional industry to one based in technology: the Digital Age. As this age shapes modern society, the behavior and expectations of consumers of sports and entertainment content evolve. This trend lends itself to the evolution of legislation and how lawyers approach, master, and apply legal principles to the sports and entertainment space. But, has it evolved enough?

Today, the panoply of client rights is derivative of distribution and technology. “Blurred Lines: Sports and Entertainment in a Digital Age” recognizes technology’s decisive capacity to not only obscure the divide of traditional sects of law, but also engender interdependence amongst talent, content distributors and consumers. This conference seeks to catalyze the evolution of sports and entertainment law by—exploring sports and entertainment property rights in this digital era; identifying the extent to which content distribution must be redefined in response to technological change; addressing protection of content; contemplating the future of legislation; and much more. This conference serves as means to assist current and budding legal practitioners to develop new strategies to the end of mastering pertinent legal issues of entertainment and sports in the Digital Age.

Sponsored in part by The Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyer’s Association, in celebration of its 35th Anniversary, this conference is especially designed for students, budding attorneys, industry experts, advisors, and other various professionals working in ancillary industries. SELS Conference will include an interactive series of panels and networking opportunities. Dynamic speakers will present their innovative ideas, lead topic discussions, and convey invaluable information to not only those interested in a career in sports and entertainment law but also to those currently practicing.

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