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New Website Publicizes Athletes’ Charitable Endeavors

Athletes Give promotes the philanthropic endeavors of athletes.
Athletes Give promotes the philanthropic endeavors of athletes.

Far too often, the stories we hear and articles we read about athletes are focused on their various wrongdoings. A new website, Athletes Give, is looking to change the conversation by promoting the thousands of philanthropic events being put on by athletes each year. The site is a convenient, global portal of aggregated athlete community service events that can be searched by athlete, country, sport or state.

“As a former agent, I was always involved with our clients’ philanthropy projects. It bothered me how the press focused on negative actions of athletes and rarely highlighted all of the good things that the majority of them are doing,” said Jeff Deutsch, founder of Athletes Give and owner of Overtime Consulting, Inc.  “I wanted to be part of the solution and create a unique platform that more accurately captures who these athletes truly are and the causes they represent.”

Athletes Give is completely free with no subscription, submission, posting and back-end fees. Deutsch said, “We don’t take a dime from any ticket, package or sponsorship sales earned by the charities and events listed on the site.  Our goal is simple – increase awareness and increase donations.  We drive traffic to the athletes’ existing online presence, whether it be a foundation, personal, charity or other third party site. If we can move the needle, even slightly, by just one additional contribution, then we’ve done our job. “

Anyone can submit an event to Athletes Give by going to the website and completing an Event Submission Form.  Athletes, agents, advisors, foundation and charity staff members, marketing and PR representatives, and family, friends and fans are encouraged to submit events for free to the site. The site features, among other things, the dates, times, locations and benefiting organizations related to the philanthropy projects.

“The site can really highlight the positive impact athletes are having around the world.  As more and more events are submitted, the message will become even more powerful,” said Deutsch.

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