Advice For Aspiring Sports Journalists, As Told By Rick Reilly

When friend of SAB, Yair Riemer, was turning 16 years old, his mother did not know what to get him. She thought maybe some of the typical birthday presents such as a gift card, or tickets to a game, etc., but really wanted to inspire her son. Yair was an avid reader of Rick Reilly’s column on the back page of Sports Illustrated, so she took a chance and secretly wrote to Reilly seeking advice for her son on pursuing his dreams as a sports journalist or agent.

Rick Reilly, via
Rick Reilly, via

Much to her, and Yair’s, surprise, Reilly wrote back. Yair found both his mom’s originally letter and Reilly’s letter to him this past weekend, and shared it with the SAB team. For those aspiring to break into the sports industry, myself included, we will take advice wherever we can get it.

The sports industry is extremely competitive, but we are passionate about the industry and really want to make a difference, so Reilly’s advice rings true, “always follow your heart, and try not to listen to any other organs.”

To see Reilly’s response to Yair, the letter can be seen here.

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