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Los Angeles Clippers Fined $250,000 for DeAndre Jordan Presentation

Los Angeles Clippers Logo Via
Los Angeles Clippers Logo Via

The DeAndre Jordan free-agency rollercoaster continues to make headlines as the Clippers have been fined $250,000 for violating an NBA rule. The NBA prohibits teams from offering players unauthorized business of investment opportunities.

The violation occurred on July 2 during a presentation that the Clippers were making to Jordan in attempt to resign the star Center. The Clippers improperly included a potential third-party endorsement opportunity. While the investigation deemed that the unveiling of the endorsement opportunity had no impact on Jordan deciding to re-sign, it was still in violation of the league’s anti-circumvention rules.

“The NBA’s anti-circumvention rules prohibit teams from, among other things, providing or arranging for others to provide any form of compensation to a player unless such compensation is included in a player contract or otherwise expressly permitted under the CBA.”
This presentation came the day before Jordan actually verbally committed to sign with the Dallas Mavericks, until changing his mind around July 7. Per the NBA’s release, the presentation didn’t necessarily influence Jordan to resign with the team, but it still broke a rule.
NBA teams are only allowed to present salary but not endorsements in free agent meetings.

While the fine most likely doesn’t feel good for the Los Angeles franchise, it has to still be worth it to keep one of the best big men in the league.