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What A NFL Agent Has Learned From His Clients’ Training Routines

NFL Agent Sunny Shah has made a name for himself within the representation industry. He and three others were highlighted in Esquire’s “The Agent,” which showed the trials and tribulations in the life of a NFL agent. He has also been interviewed by SAB, which can be found here.¬†For those interested in what it takes to be an agent, many times we ask those experiencing success in the industry for their advice or guidance in order to learn more about this career. However, agents themselves are constantly learning from each other, and in the case of Shah, from his clients.

NFL Agent Sunny Shah has learned some workout techniques from his clients. Photo via
NFL Agent Sunny Shah has learned some workout techniques from his clients. Photo via

An article by Jen Murphy in The Wall Street Journal¬†highlights the training techniques the Shah has learned from his NFL clients. He represents 12 players in the NFL and has started to join them in their off-season training sessions. “My athletes work out with the best trainers in the world. I realized I could get something out of this by watching closely,” Shah said.

The 5’8″ 155 pound Shah represents Eugene Monroe, a 6’5″ 300 pound LT for the Baltimore Ravens. Although at opposite ends of the fitness spectrum, both individuals have a keen interest in being in peak physical shape. Shah started working with Andre Washington, Monroe’s personal trainer, who created a personal strength program for him. The three-phase workout plan is done three days a week at the Fitness Factory Health Club in Edgewater, NJ. The workouts blend traditional weight training with movement-based exercises and resistance and velocity training. He works different muscle groups on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in addition to playing basketball two nights a week.

As is true with most fitness plans, one’s diet is also very important. Shah likes to mix up his diet, and unlike his NFL clients, he does not have a personal chef. He usually brings leftovers to work for lunch and his wife, Devica, does the cooking.

To make Shah seem like the rest of us, some of his pump up jams include rap or hip-hop artists like Drake, Jay-Z or Rich Homie Quan.

Agents can learn a thing or two from his or her clients, including some workout tips.