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NFLPA Enforcing New Rule Regarding Contract Negotiations

Per SBJ/SBD columnist Liz Mullen, the NFLPA has recently made it a requirement for agents to inform the union of any player contract negotiations that are valued at $2M or more at the start of talks with teams. All registered agents were informed by the February 1st memo to contact the NFLPA’s Salary Cap & Agent Administration Department right away after beginning negotiations of said value. In addition, the NFLPA has asked agents to “provide the NFLPA with the final terms, including all contract language, of any such contract PRIOR to reaching any agreement, oral or written, with an NFL Club on behalf of their player.”

Some Agents will not mind the new requirement at all. There are Agents that go to the NFLPA at the start of contract talks always for guidance, compliance or legal guidance. Attorney/Agent Ralph Cindrich, tweeted “What dumb ass wouldn’t?” in response to the news.
Also noteworthy of the memo, was a reminder to the agents that they are required to disclose to the union the amount of fees charged to player clients, as well as the amount of expenses for the past year incurred in representing the player. The NFLPA has recently decided to enforce these responsibilities and enforce disciplinary action over concerns that charged fees contained in Standard Representation Agreements and attached Addendums initially provided by Agents are not always accurate.