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Soccer Player Banned By FIFA For Not Paying Agent

FIFA has come down hard on Premier League player Emmanuel Eboue. The Sunderland defender has been banned for 1 year for not paying commissions to his former agent. The 32 year-old has seen his contract with the team, which he only signed in March, ripped up.

The payment in question dates back to July 2013 when Emmanuel was playing for Galatasaray in Turkey. In September 2014, he was fined £21,000 over the matter, and given four months to sort it out. However, his former agent Sebastien Boisseau did not receive the amount he was owed. This is big news for FIFA agents. One agent, Oliver Arthur, said this shows they can “take your case to a higher level.”

Sunderland’s manager Sam Allardyce initially said that there may be a way back for Eboue to the team, but this appears to be all but over now.

He is now represented by Change4S.