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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

What the boxing world is all excited about is the potential upcoming bout between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor. This is one of the most exciting matchup potentials in history because both of these fighters are at the top of their game. Boxing experts and everyone from politicians to celebrities are weighing in on this potential matchup. This rumor started reportedly from Mayweather’s camp, but both of them added fuel to the fire and built the hype around it. But some experts are saying that this fight may not even happen at all. That’s because of some complex contract factors that exist around Conor McGregor.

The problem is, Conor McGregor is currently under contract to the UFC with them being the exclusive promoter. There are only two possibilities that exist if he is to fight Mayweather. Either the UFC is going to allow him to fight – something that is unlikely to happen according to most experts – or McGregor negotiated for the exclusivity clause to be removed from his contract before he signed it. Of course, contract negotiations are often cloaked in secrecy, so this is a possibility, but again, not that likely. Of course, it could be a huge promotional opportunity for the UFC and for McGregor, so it is possible that they will recognize that.

Of course, this information is in stark contrast to some of the other reports out there. For example, The Sun is reporting that the match is not only likely to happen, but is already being organized and will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States. That’s a very plausible venue for such a high profile fight. In addition, there are other purported details released that make this even more plausible. The Sun reports that an anonymous source close to the event is providing these details, and if that is the case, it looks as if the fight is definitely slated to happen.

If this happens, it will be Mayweather’s 50th fight. He retired just before he hit the big 5-0 and according to sources, this is going to be a huge payday for Mayweather. Mayweather will reportedly be earning $144 million while Conor McGregor would get $10 million. This would make it the biggest purse totals of any boxing event in the United States. According to sources, one of the things that is keeping this fight from happening is negotiations for the purse, so those numbers may be temporary – or not accurate at all. Plus the UFC has to sign off and the fighters will have to sign the paperwork themselves.

Another point of contention is who is going to sponsor the event. Binary Uno, the leading global binary options brand, is one of the rumored new sponsors and then there are some of the usual suspects like Everlast, TRX, Scott Safety and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

If Floyd Mayweather does fight and lose, he will ruin his perfect 49-0 record that he retired with last year.