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Gary Vaynerchuk Creates VaynerSports

Entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker and social media guru, Gary Vaynerchuk has announced his partnership with a sports agency to create VaynerSports.og-image

According to the agency’s website, the company is a “full-service athlete representation agency that guides players through a variety of issues involving their professional career. We are improving the level of service beyond what any athlete has experienced in the industry thus far, one client at a time.” According to a series of Tweets, Vaynerchuk has partnered with Mook Williams and Brian McLauglin (formerly of Symmetry), and AJ Vaynerchuk, the COO and co-founder of VaynerMedia (a social-media first digital agency).

According to JobsInSocialMedia, the agency strives to be “the best provider of value to human beings.” The athletes will receive counsel from Vaynerchuk on how to add to their social media and digital brands during their career and in the future. Some of the reasons that athletes will want to be represented by VaynerSports, according to Gary, are:

  • Getting them [the athletes] more value and money on their exit from sports vs. when they were in sports.
  • Helping them with getting better sponsored deals
  • Possible $15,000 keynotes
  • Helping launch a podcast and getting it sponsored
  • Getting them in social media investments like snapchat or

A video of the interview between Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian McLaughlin and Darren Rovell can be seen here.