Sports Business

Sports Business Week 2016

Sports Business Week 2016, also known on social media as #SBWeek16, is back for the sixth straight year, taking place across the world during the week of September 12. After the first event in 2010, a single event with eight guests in New York City, Sports Business Week has grown into a weeklong multi-city mega-event. This year has accumulated 41 participating cities as of Wednesday, August 24, with the number still growing.

#SBWeek16 will attract students, prospective sports business professionals, and veterans in the industry for a casual night of networking and drinks. The events take place at restaurants or bars in cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Portland, Miami, Omaha, and New York City in the United States, and at least 15 different cities internationally. #SBWeek16 is also working on the possibility of a virtual event to close the week on September 16.

Tickets can be bought in advance for $5, or at the door for $10. All proceeds are donated to The V Foundation For Cancer Research.

Ticket details, dates, times, locations, and information on past events can be found here.