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Colts Are Waiting For The Next General Manager

After the Indianapolis Colts fired Ryan Grigson, they were avidly searching for another experienced person who can take an open position. Now even though a lot of interviews have been held and a lot of outstanding managers were asked, it is still unclear who will become next and if it will change situation within a team and their performance on the field.

What is wrong with Grigson?

The truth is this seemed not to be the first time when Indianapolis Colts wanted to get rid of their main manager. This also happened in 2012 when the Colts interviewed 25 candidates before finding out there wsd nobody better than Grigson and hiring him again. Now Jim Irsay, the owner of Colts, doesn’t want a recruiting process to pass that fast because he really wants to find a person who will fit his organization. Some fans are even willing to bet here on whom will it be.

During the interviews, Irsay did not state clear reasons why Indianapolis Colts should get Grigson out of the organization. Although there might have occurred some controversies between the team and their manager, the owner suggested he wanted to change something. He stated that the time seemed right and an actual partnership with Grigson wasn’t worth continuing. As for Pagano as a team’s coach, Irsay suggested that he will remain on this position for another year.

There are a lot of famous people that the Colts chose to take interviews with. Among them are:

  1. Jimmy Raye III. The key benefit of this candidate remains that he already worked for Colts during 4 seasons but after that, he has gone to the San Diego Chargers, where he become the personnel director;
  2. Eliot Wolf. It seems really a miracle that he hasn’t become a general manager yet, because the Green Bay Packers have been promoting him several times;
  3. Eric DeCosta. Like Jimmy Raye III, he already has an experience of working with Colts management; now he works as an assistant to the general manager of the Baltimore Ravens;
  4. Chris Ballard. Since Kansas city Chiefs have won the AFC West, Chris has received multiple offers but he still remains a Personnel director in that team. It seems still unclear whether he will fully accept a new offer or not.

What to expect from the new manager?

The owner’s expectations for a new manager remain very high, and there is no guarantee that any of above mentioned candidates will fit Irsay’s wants. The search still goes and only God knows who will become next general manager. The team still remains strong and ready for new victories.