Interview With The Agent: Scott Oswin

Scott Oswin is a former hockey player turned hockey agent. Scott is the founder of Sovereign Sports Management where he and Ron Herschbach represent professional hockey players. The following interview was conducted by our Assistant Editor, Cameron Chung. Check out the Sovereign Sports website and Twitter.

When did you know that you wanted to become a sports agent and what drew you to the industry?

As a young man I always knew that hockey would be part of my life in one form or another. It wasn’t until I hit my draft year that I realized there was a formal process in getting drafted to the OHL. There is a lot of preparation that goes on behind the scenes during that year. I, along with my parents, didn’t have access to the right resources and I missed out on some great possible opportunities. At that time, I knew when I had the resources that I would give back and help other talented kids from hitting the same road blocks that I did.

You don’t have a “traditional” agent educational background, you decided to obtain a degree in General Arts & Sciences, in what ways has this helped you succeed in the field?

It was my work experience in the hockey industry along with the certificate I received at the University of Toronto in Negotiations that had a massive impact in my success.

How did you land your first job in sports? How has that experience translated to your career as an agent

Shortly after playing hockey for York University I was offered a position in Client Services with Bauer/Nike. I was given the opportunity to work with some of the highest profile accounts which taught me the importance of going the extra mile for my clients. I truly had the ability to make a difference in someone’s day.

What is the most difficult aspect of your job?

Learning to manage the expectations of my clients that are highly emotional in either a positive or negative manner. I build strong relationships with my clients therefore I take on their emotions. My clients look to me for support and guidance so it’s important that I keep them focused on the end goal.

How has the advancement of technology and social media impacted the sports agent industry?

I feel that technology has and will continue to play a huge role in the hockey industry. If used properly Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and similar social media apps help the industry stay in touch with real time events. It is important for players to understand the impact they have on others especially children. Children look at these players as role models and social media helps give hope, excitement, entertainment, to a world that is already so complicated.

What aspect of your career are you most proud of?

Having the ability to follow my passion to help talented kids follow their dream by educating, guiding, mentoring is the most rewarding part of my job.

What advice do you have for students and/or young professionals that want to pursue a career in the agent industry?

I believe in order for anyone to want to pursue this career you must go in with the mindset that this nothing is guaranteed no matter how hard you have worked. You will definitely have some big losses but hopefully also achieve some great wins. You have to have the ability to empathize, negotiate, mentor, and do what’s best for your clients.  A true desire to do selfless acts because your needs always come after your clients needs. This job requires a tremendous amount of commitment. I love it.