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Rosenhaus Sports Eyes Expansion Beyond Football

According to Liz Mullen, NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus is expanding his agency – Rosenhaus Sports Representation.

After nearly three decades of representing professional football players, the agency has hired a MLB agent and is now representing baseball players. The agent, Dennis Wyrick, is now the president of RSR Baseball. He currently represents St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Seung-hwan Oh, as well as many minor leaguers. He came to RSR from big time baseball agencies The Boras Corp. (owned by baseball super agent Scott Boras) and the Beverly Hills Sports Council.

Not only does Wyrick have experience working with a super agent in another sport (Boras), he also has professional playing experience as he played in the Baltimore Orioles farm system for a year before starting his career as an agent. Although he has been working for RSR for a little over a year now, it is just now becoming public knowledge. In addition to Wyrick, the agency hired Barret Arthur as its baseball director of operations. With the Rosenhaus brothers heading the football division, Jason said he would likely get certified by the MLBPA to begin representing players, but Drew will remain solely with football.

Rosenhaus Sports is also looking to hire a broadcasting agent and coaching agent. With the number of football clients that RSR represents (90 current NFL players), a number of former clients have ventured into the broadcasting and coaching side of the business. According to Mullen, Rosenhaus used to recommend former clients to broadcasting and coaching agents, but in the hiring of a new agent, they would be able to keep clients in house.

While these moves might seem surprising, creating new revenue streams is something that many in the industry are looking to do. After the NFLPA passed a regulation making 1.5 percent the default fee for agents to collect (3 percent is the maximum), many agencies joined larger ones to consolidate resources. However, RSR said that this was in the works since 2015.

With the name and recognition of Rosenhaus Sports behind it, RSR Baseball should have some immediate legitimacy as it gets off the ground.