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Attorney Weighs In On College Basketball Federal Investigation

Per an article from Sports Business Journal, Christian Dawkins was one of 10 arrested by federal authorities in late September for the involvement in the federal investigation of NCAA basketball. Among those who were arrested are NCAA assistant coaches, financial advisor Munish Sood, Adidas global sports marketing director Jim Gatto, and Andy Miller from ASM Sports whose office was raided by FBI agents.

While attending junior college Dawkins worked as a “runner” at ASM Sports. The role of “a runner” was to recruit players and develop relationships with them before they parted ways in May.” ASM Sports was founded by NBA Agent Andy Miller who is one of the individuals at the who has been apart of the federal investigation. Dawkins has plead not guilty and his attorney Steve Haney has stated that “many things that are being reported are not true.”

According to an article via SBANATION, Dawkins was recorded on tape saying “If we take care of everybody, we control everything. You can make millions off one kid”. It was also discovered that Dawkins was using an unidentified NBA player’s  credit card that tallied a total of $42,000 in Uber charges.

Steve Haney who is the attorney representing Dawkins was a former college basketball player and an NBAPA-certified agent in the early 2000s. Haney is shocked by both the severity and the amount of prison time Dawkins for being apart of crimes relating to the corruption of college basketball.

Haney stated to “pick an agent, then. Don’t get a runner” asserting that the investigation should be more concerned with the agents involved. The sports world knows that this investigation will change the landscape of college basketball recruiting and NCAA policy as the federal investigation continues to unfold.