Octagon Launches eSports Passion Drivers® Research

Per a company press release, Octagon has launched eSports Passion Drivers®, the first-ever study on fan behavior surrounding the booming eSports industry.

“Octagon’s new eSports Passion Drivers® work is the first study to go beyond the demographics and scope of the eSports industry, and truly uncover and quantify, why fans care about eSports,” said Simon Wardle, Octagon’s Chief Strategy Officer.  “The eSports and gaming landscape can be complicated for brands to navigate in an authentic and compelling way for fans. Our all-new Passion Drivers® study helps brands identify the best opportunities for creating emotional connections with eSports fans, and how and where to engage with the fans that are most likely to support sponsoring brands.”

The report includes the following:

  • 9 eSports Passion Drivers® Factors including drivers such as Leveling Up, Escapism, Trash Talk and Player Excitement that define why fans care about eSports.
  • 4 eSports Passion Drivers® Fan Typologies, each with a distinct emotional connection to eSports: Streaming Strategies, High Stakes Gamers, Competitive Commenters and The Obsessed.

For each fan typology, Octagon ranked how likely the fans are to interact with various sponsors and brands. It also compares fan behavior according to gender and looks at emotional connections to games differ by genre. With the rapid increase of eSports franchises and growth in popularity, brands can target a new audience thanks to Octagon’s research.

Octagon’s Passion Drivers® was launched in 2005 and conducts research to quantify the “emotional connections consumers have to sports and entertainment.”