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Motorsports Agency Spire Sports Start Their Engines In New Markets

Spire Sports & Entertainment has grown to be one of the most influential agencies in the sport of NASCAR but is looking to start their engines in the markets of music and esports.

The motorsports agency has the reputation to fly under the radar and claim that their privacy gives them appeal to their sponsors, teams, and drivers. Since the start of the agency in 2010, Spire Sports represents a roster that includes racing’s upcoming stars as well as strong corporate sponsorship clients. Among those clients are team owners in NASCAR such as Rich Hendrick and Chip Ganassi. Moreover, Spire has close relationships with Toyota and 5-Hour Energy and anticipate expanding into IndyCar and Formula One.

Spire’s quite confidence coincides with the work they do with NASCAR to broker deals involving driver transactions, sponsorships and endorsements without credit and media attention. Despite having success with their current approach, Spire is looking to diversify their agency by increasing their brand recognition and developing their public relations plan.

Among the new initiatives Spire is developing a new music venture that will allow corporate brands to work with musical artists and festivals. Spire’s role will be to broker deals with sponsors who are looking to break into that specific space. 5-Hour Energy will be Spire’s first test drive in music and will endorse touring artists. They will also promote artists through performing venues, social media and philanthropic programs.

Alongside Spire’s new music venture they also plan to enter the explosive industry of esports. Spire has recently become a partner of Triggerfish Partnerships which is a sales arm of Infinite Esports & Entertainment who’s goal is to create fan-centric activations that target the specific needs of each partner [they] promote.

Co- founder of Spire, Jeff Dickerson stated, “You have this success, this is your time to capitalize and maybe take on some risk.” The executives at Spire have expressed that motorsports will continue to be the driving force of the agencies work but they believe Spire is capable of breaking into new markets such as music and esports to give their clients more opportunity for growth.