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Drew Rosenhaus Sent NFL Clients $1,800 Care Packages

Nothing says “thank you” or “I’m thinking about you” like a goody bag full of potpourri. Super agent Drew Rosenhaus took that gesture to a jokingly new level with a care package for his 100-some NFL clients as the 2018 training camp season nears. Over 20 brands make up the package, some of which are sponsors to Rosenhaus’ clients, like Rob Gronkowski and Body Armour.

Some of the contents in the $1,800 care package:

Bombas socks – $45 (four-pack)

MuscleTech Gronk candy bars – about $10 (4-pack)

Napa soap – $10

Evolution shaving can brush – $20

Otter Box’s alpha screen protector – $25

It’s no $50,000 stuffed into a Louis Vuitton traveller’s bag, but the beet chips and Skittles might put some zing and pep into a player’s step after cone drills under a blazing sun of training camp. Nonetheless, it’s moreso about spreading the good word of Rosenhaus Sports in the form of swag bags.

This isn’t the first time Rosenhaus has taken care of his clients as they return to camp. Back in 2016, he gifted his clients some loot with similar, yet altered, properties. Making an appearance were several protein bars, a stick of deodorant and beef jerky. It’s a bizarre grocery list, but it illustrates Rosenhaus’ light-hearted ties to his players.

At the end of the day, it’s been a pretty dormant and dull NFL offseason, but Rosenhaus just lightened the mood with these party favors. As for his clients, they get down to business around the last week of July, when training camp for most organizations begins.