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Leigh Steinberg Launches Sports Business Certificate

Powerhouse sports agent Leigh Steinberg has launched a sports business certificate to assist young and seasoned professionals on how to land their dream job in the sports industry. This course will help young professionals who are aspiring to a career in the sports industry; current sports professionals who want to accelerate their career; career-changing professionals who want to transition to a sports career; people looking for insight from those DOING THE JOB THEY WANT – Not Professors; the few people that understand the value of quality mentors; career oriented individuals that see opportunity when it appears; and anyone that wants their foot in the door of this industry.

Steinberg already hosts a Sports Agent Academy and Sports Career Conference for individuals working towards landing a job in the sport business industry.

Steinberg along with 25 industry experts got together and created a full digital course on every aspect of the sports industry. Some of the instructors include Chris Kelin- President, LA Galaxy; Jennifer Smith- Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, UCLA; Marcus Banks- Legal Associate- LA Clippers; and Rob Paulele- Director of Training and Business Development, Athletic Republic. Steinberg said “I needed a way to pass along all of this knowledge we’ve gathered and transfer it to the new generation of professionals looking to replicate our success”.

This course was just released and covers areas of the industry from agency to event management to technology. This course can be completed on each student’s individual pace and has a certificate of completion at the end. Steinberg adds “Sports Business is as hyper-competitive as it is on the fields, so you need every advantage you can get if you are serious about thriving in this industry”.

I will give a weekly overview of each topic covered in the course highlighting the essentials covered for that module. To enroll in the course, click here.