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Wait A Second: Mike Francesa Is Partnering With CAA Sports?

According to a press release by DKC Public Relations, a Neopolitan ice cream-like effort between CAA Sports, Entercom and Mike Francesa reveals that Mike’s On is expanding into a digital platform.

Something which started out as a radio show on WFAN, a station based in New York City, Mike’s On has become bloated with intentions to reach all walks of life instead of being sentenced to automobile confinement. It’s scheduled to be portable and flexible by introducing three lines of content: Mike Francesa’s Football Sunday Show (NFL), The Saturday Special (NCAAF), and Francesa50 (50 calendar-relevant sporting moments).

With this coverage so user-friendly, the price for a subscription is less so – monthly subs start at $8.99, which works out to be almost $100 for a year-long membership.

Francesa has pledged his confidence in the business endeavor with CAA Sports and Entercom, who runs WFAN: “I wanted to create my own exclusive platform to provide fans and subscribers with fresh content to complement the WFAN program they have known and trusted for decades, but with a level of information and immediacy they have never experienced before. If it’s breaking news at 7 am or 1 am after a crushing defeat, fans will hear from me instantaneously. No barriers. No restrictions.”

WFAN and Francesa already have a well-established bond that’s been ongoing since 2003, when Mike’d Up: Francesa on the FAN had premiered. A few years later and it was eventually renamed to Mike’s On.

His digital platform will launch tomorrow, August 24, at 1:00 PM E.T. with a live broadcast on WFAN from the airwaves at Bar Anticipation in New Jersey. Not only can fans stop by in-person, but if they can’t make it Bar A, then they can stream it online.