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WME Leads The Way In Signing Broadcasting Clients

Over the course of the last year, WME has emerged as the top agency for sports broadcasting clients. Former NFL players Dwight Freeney, Ryan Clark and Marcus Spears are among a few of WME’s most recent talent added to their NFL broadcasting client roster.

On the sports broadcasting side of the representation industry, specifically at WME, client efforts, which include contract negotiation and client maintenance, are led by agents working together in teams. For example, Ryan Clark, former NFL veteran and current ESPN NFL analyst, is represented by Sharon Chang, Stan Kaufman and Jordan Bazant of WME.

Leading the efforts at WME is Jim Ornstein, WME’s head of sports broadcasting. Ornstein’s clients include Trey Wingo, Kurt Warner, Louis Riddick, Stan Van Gundy, Maria Taylor, Marcus Spears and Michael Collins. Clearly, Ornstein’s client roster is full of notable broadcasters across the entire spectrum of professional sports for an array of networks that include ESPN and NFL Network.

Known for his hard work and commitment to his clients, Ornstein is known for showing his personal support for his clients outside of the workplace. While on his morning runs, “Matty & The Caddie” podcast is played through his headphones showing support to his client, Michael Collins, ESPN golf analyst. After his morning run, he spends his daily subway commute listening to his client, Trey Wingo, on ESPN’s “Golic & Wingo.”

WME’s culture of working with their clients in teams seems to be paying off. Within the past year, WME has persuaded several clients to join the WME family including Michael Smith, Maria Taylor and Marcus Spears from their competitor, CAA.

The constant quest of agencies recognizing the skills, negotiating the most favorable contract and balancing client maintenance in the broadcasting representation industry for their on-air personalities remains the same. However, agencies around the country are chasing WME, led by Jim Ornstein.