A Day In Sports History: Los Angeles & The Super Sports Equinox

The City of Angeles has been regarded as a global mecca for sports and entertainment for decades. This past week, this trend continued with one of the most unique circumstances in United States sports history. This was the first time that this situation has occurred. On Sunday, October 28th, Los Angeles, California was host to five professional sports contests in one day. Los Angeles and its surrounding areas are home to more than six professional sports teams expanding across several leagues. Not only does the city have plenty of options to consume professional sports, but these teams have had success as well. This has garnered the attention that led to October 28th being dubbed the “Super Sports Equinox.”

The Super Sports Equinox had the Los Angeles Rams, Clippers, Kings, Galaxy, and Dodgers participating in home contest on this unique day. The Super Sports Equinox was highlighted by Game 5 of the Word Series where the Dodgers faced the Boston Red Sox, according to Berk Communications. Although the Red Sox won 5-1, the contests were evidence of the success of Los Angeles sports teams. Another special aspect about the Super Sports Equinox is that a team from each of the four major U.S. sports leagues was represented. The NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL all benefited from the success and prominence of Los Angeles as a sports destination on October 28th.

For sports enthusiasts, the Super Sports Equinox presented a unique experience. This led to an idea that many fans would consider; attending all five contests throughout the day. The day found celebrities and personalities like Lance Bass scrambling across Los Angeles in an effort to take in every game the Super Sports Equinox had to offer. By partnering with Discover LA, Bass accompanied by his husband, Michael Turchin, made the excursion to attend all five contests. Starting with the Kings and ending with the Clippers, Bass and others, like Midwest-based superfans Sam Lipton and Daniel Alfredson, traveled around the city to all five games. Additionally, city officials like Los Angeles Councilman Branimir Kvartuc and Director of Tourism and Convention Development Doane Liu documented their journeys attending all five contests. This could be considered a sports enthusiast’s dream. The Super Sports Equinox may not ever come to light again, but if so, Los Angeles proved it could handle the fanfare.