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Soccer Star Jérôme Boateng Launches “Boa” Magazine

Last week, Bayern Munich and German national team defender Jérôme Boateng launched his latest off-the-pitch venture int he form of his own magazine, “Boa.” According to a release from Berk Communications, the new lifestyle publication will be a celebration of Boateng’s passions – fashion, music, art, sport and storytelling. Additionally, “Boa” will celebrate all things Germany, from the style and culture of the country to the future of the nation.

The inaugural issue of the publication features interviews with German musician and actor Herbert Grönemeyer, DJ Khaled, rapper Shindy, Caro Daur and more. Not only does the magazine feature these interviews, but Boateng details his story in his own words. He talks about how he got to where he is today and examines the discrimination and bias he has faced throughout his career.

“Boa” made its debut on November 8 with 200,000 copies printed throughout Germany. It will be released six times throughout the year with the second issue set to be launched on February 2, 2019. If interested in purchasing “Boa,” and are not in Germany, you can purchase it online here.