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NFL Draft Prospect Rashan Gary Leads By Example With Own Sports Agency

As the 2019 NFL Draft approaches, highly touted defensive end Rashan Gary out of the University of Michigan has decided to lead by example. The potential first-round pick has decided to step outside the box in regard to his representation. Gary has done so by starting his own sports agency, a first step in cementing his legacy as a professional athlete.

At just twenty-one years old, the Plainfield, New Jersey native is the CEO and founder of his sports agency, Rashan Gary Sports. Based out of Virginia, the agency has legitimized itself by building a reputable staff.

Christian Dennie will serve as General Counsel. Dennie has been a mediator at Barlow Garsek & Simon, LLP in Fort Worth, Texas. Head of Marketing/Branding will be Dante Simpson who has served as CEO of DSA Media Group since 2006. Lead sports agent will be Ian Clarke, ESQ, who has served as Technology Officer & General Counsel of Victory Christian Ministries International. President of Rashan Gary Sports will be Rashan’s mother, Jennifer Coney-Shepherd.

“I always had a dream of playing in the NFL and leaving a legacy,” Gary told the Associated Press. Gary has recognized the significance of this move as a pioneer in professional sports. Rashan Gary Sports sets a precedent for what it means to merge business and sports. “I don’t think this has ever happened,” said Gil Brandt to The AP. Brandt is a former personnel director for the Dallas Cowboys and is considered one of the NFL’s top draft experts and has worked in professional football since 1955.

The decision by Gary to start his own sports agency has the potential to resonate with other athletes. “It’s going to change the game. . . Now, players know the power they have and taking this step is big for me, my family, and my dream,” told Gary to The AP.

The vision is clear for Rashan Gary Sports as they hope to expand their roster of talent. The agency hopes to reach outside football by attracting athletes from Major League Baseball, the NBA, and NHL. As an athlete-driven business, Rashan Gary Sports has the potential to cement itself in the dynamic industry of athlete representation.