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2112 Hockey Agency’s New Division Focused On Bringing Overseas Talent to NCAA

Darryl Wolski of 2112 Hockey Agency announced via press release the newly formed College Hockey Family Advisor, a new division aimed at assisting elite players and their families from overseas as they take the next step in their hockey career in North America.

College Hockey Family Advisors, CHFA, is focused on providing guidance to overseas hockey players on the benefits of playing for NCAA College Hockey programs. With just over 35 percent of current NHL players coming from NCAA programs, CHFA is looking to capitalize on the increase in quality and publicity garnered by programs in Divisons I & III. Navigating NCAA rules can be difficult for players born in the US, but for foreign-born players, adding student visas and required exams is where the process can become confusing, enter CHFA. “We will help get them from point a to point b and clear up any confusion they may have,” said Wolski. Continued from the press release, ‘CHFA will help to answer difficult questions, as well as inform and educate players and their families on the process of playing college hockey in the NCAA.’

The Manitoba based agency reaches far beyond the Winnipeg area with advisors in 10 countries and 28 cities around the world. According to Darryl Wolski CHFA is a “first of its kind and truly a global presence,” opening their services to players in China, Sweden, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, the US, and Canada, with the goal to enter five to six more markets by the end of this year.

The advisory team is comprised of former college and professional players including Canadian born Darcy Zajac, formerly of the University of North Dakota, Quinnipiac forward, Brandon Wong and Frank Banham, to name a few. All of whom have experience playing in the NCAA, NHL, and various elite leagues in Europe.  The advisors look to share their experiences on reaching the highest levels of the sport with players and their families so they can have an idea of what the process entails.

Services include tax and immigration assistance, financial planning recommendations, social media guidance and for athletes who sign with 2112, marketing, brand development, and sponsorship opportunities. CHFA is determined to making the process of wading through the murky waters of NCAA requirements and regulations, in addition to the immigration process as streamlined as possible for the world’s top women and men hockey players.

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