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Luck and Trout Star Together in New BODYARMOR Commercial

Creative Producer Kobe Bryant is at it again, as a new installment of BODYARMOR’s “Thanks” campaign is set to kick off tomorrow for 2019 MLB Opening Day. 

Fresh off his new record-breaking contract, Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout will star alongside Andrew Luck from the Indianapolis Colts in a new commercial produced by BODYARMOR Ambassador and Investor, Kobe Bryant. Going along with the previous story line from BODYARMOR’s commercial with James Harden and Donovan Mitchell, Trout and Luck will make fun of old and outdates ideas, such as a Disco Dance-Off Contest. The message that is meant to come across is that no one does that anymore, so why would anyone drink old and outdated sports drinks when there are new ones like BODYARMOR? The hilarious commercial can be seen here.

BODYARMOR is not fearful of powerful brands like Gatorade, and the company plans to continue growing as a prominent sports drink for all athletes everywhere.

By Amador Nazarov

Amador is a recent graduate of the University of Oregon, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.