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Klutch Sports Has Acquired Revolution Sports Agency Solidifying its Stance in the NFL

Back in September there was speculation that Rich Paul and Klutch Sports were looking to transition to the NFL. Reported meetings and talks with agent Demarius Bilbo seemed to align with these rumors. Now the speculations have been confirmed with the acquisition of Revolution Sports and the announcement that Bilbo would lead the NFL Division.

Revolution Sports currently represents clients Alvin Kamara, Melvin Gordon and Jarvis Landry. Klutch Sports recently signed former Ohio State players Jeff Okudah and Chase Young for the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. Klutch Sports has been busy building in silence since news broke out that the firm was partnering with United Talent Agency (U.T.A). Rich Paul has been quoted saying that he wanted to find more ways to expand Klutch and have done so by now entering the NFL and the Entertainment Industry.

Revolution Sports however before this deal was trending in the wrong direction. With Bilbo “accidently” depositing a marketing check for his client Jarvis Landry into his personal account. Relinquishing the division to Rich Paul and Klutch Sports should instill confidence from the clients moving forward. Rich Paul along with LeBron James has changed the landscape of player empowerment and contract negotiations in the NBA. This would likely be a more difficult task to replicate, due to the landscape of the NFL in its current CBA era. But it would not be surprising if other key free agents take notice and join Klutch Sports with hopes of more protections and control.

With the agreement between UTA, Klutch Sports and now Revolution, it will be interesting to see how the representation of NFL players are handled moving forward. Specifically with Saint’s running back Alvin Kamara expecting a new contract and the recent free agency situation that New Orleans just experience with Rich Paul and former Pelicans’ Anthony Davis.