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Super Agent Rich Paul Launches “Klutch Conversations” During NBA All-Star Weekend

Rich Paul, the power house sports agent with Klutch Sports known for his relationship with LeBron James and representing prominent athletes like Anthony Davis and Ben Simmons, has broadened his influence within the industry.

Klutch Conversations will be a new discussion panel with the purpose of developing in-depth social conversations. Chance the Rapper’s SocialWorks and General Mills were a part of the first installment of the event, held over the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago.

Rich Paul told CNBC that he wants to create conversation that can educate the viewers on varying topics, understanding business and what it takes to get to the point of CEO.

Paul has shown motivation for educating public school students of the Chicago area on the “conversation of value.” With the intended goal of assisting the kids in taking the “proper steps in life”.

Paul will have the conversations recorded and plans on partnering with a media company to one day release the footage of the event. Klutch Conversations will be held in other cities like New York, Washington D.C, and Philadelphia.

Klutch Sports has been venturing in many different avenues such as the entertainment industry as well as a new football division.

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