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Interview with the Agent: Evan Laufer

Evan Laufer is a South Florida-native, who received his Bachelor’s in Legal Studies/Pre-Law from the University of Central Florida. He went on to earn his Master’s in Sports Management from Lynn University with the goal of becoming an agent. He is now a certified NBPA Agent and is preparing to become a NFLPA certified agent. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to go out on his own and start his own agency: Laufer Sports & Entertainment (LSE). SAB recently had the opportunity to interview Laufer, and the transcript can be found below.

Matt Engels: When/how did you decide you wanted to become an NBA agent?

Evan Laufer: Growing up in South Florida, I played against some of the top athletes in the country. Once I stopped growing, I realized that I could not compete as a professional athlete, but I knew I wanted to build a career in sports. The moment I realized I wanted to become a sports agent came during a discussion with my high school football coach about his agent. He explained how his agent took advantage of him, and ever since hearing this I made it my mission to represent athletes in an ethical manner.

M.E.: Why did you decide to get your MBA/how did this help you in your career?

E.L.: I knew that I wanted to become an agent in multiple sports, so I wanted to get certified in as many leagues as possible. I understand that most agents have law degrees, but I was a pre-law major at UCF, so my law background was already pretty good. My MBA program was only one year long and I completed it while coaching high school football, substitute teaching, and studying for the NBA Agent exam.

M.E.: At what point did you realize you were ready to start your own company/what went into this decision? 

E.L.: It was always something I thought about, but the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic pushed the issue. I originally wanted to become someone’s understudy and learn from a mentor, but I decided to use this time to start my own business. 

M.E.:How is your agency different from other agencies in the industry/what do you believe 

E.L.: I believe my youth and ability to change is my competitive advantage. I can quickly adapt to social media trends. I also take pride in my “family over everything” mentality. Some larger agencies may not establish strong relationships with their clients. Being a small, up and coming agency, I have the ability to relate to my clients on a personal level.

M.E.: Can you describe a typical day for you as an agent/business owner?

E.L.: During the pandemic my routine has been consistent. As soon as I wake up, I immediately check my phone for emails, texts, social media updates and my new website. I also make sure I am keeping up with recruiting, making sure I know which players are declaring for the draft every day. Then, I watch film on recruits and take detailed notes. I spend a lot of time on social media, following younger athletes and reaching out via Direct Message. 

M.E.: What are your long-term goals? 5, 10 years, etc.

E.L.: In 5 years, I hope to have several clients in both the NBA and the NFL. I am not worried about the quantity of clients I have. I am more concerned with working with guys that share the same values as myself. Essentially, if they are winning, I am winning. In 10 years, I want to solidify my brand and become a respectable high-powered agency. I want to get to the point where guys are reaching out to me because they respect my success and work ethic. I want to build rapport with college players and make a name for myself in the industry.

M.E.: Any advice for someone looking to start their own agency?

E.L.: It’s definitely not easy. Only the strong survive. Just because you don’t know everything doesn’t mean you aren’t ready for it. Most importantly, make sure you love it. Make sure you can handle contract negotiations. Be determined to do what is best for your client. This industry is a small pool full of sharks, you have to be both a good swimmer and an aggressive shark to be successful.

Starting a new venture is never easy, especially during a global pandemic full of uncertainty. To stay up-to-date on Laufer’s journey, follow him on social media @Laufer_SE (Twitter and Instagram).