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Tracy McGrady & Jermaine O’Neal Have a New Agency in Town

Tracy McGrady and Jermaine O’Neal know first hand what it takes to excel, differentiate and make waves. These two have a long standing relationship, they were both a part of the same agency when first entering the league. Now the two AllStars hope to start representing athletes this fall with their new agency Seven1 Group Sports and Entertainment. The name is a clever play on their previous numbers. 

It is no secret that many top basketball players attend college for at least one year because the NCAA requires them too, this phenomenon is known as the “One and Done”. McGrady quoted a few years ago that he doesn’t think that players should do it the way he did, make the jump from prep to pros. “I actually think they should implement having these guys go to school for two years.” This strategy may be a part of the new agency. 

The two know this work requires passion and heart and are truly seeking to make a change. O’Neal is currently preparing for the National Basketball Players Association test in January. Both have youth organizations and have been able to build relationships. These genuine connections with players like Cade Cunnigham and R.J. Hamptom can help excel them forward. 

O’Neal and McGrady have the experience on the court. They are also aware of the struggles athletes face off the court and behind the scenes. The two have the potential to leave a legacy.